Ideas for Wedding Albums

There is no better way to compile memories from one of the most special days of your life than with a professional photo album. It is one of the best items to preserve pictures for generations, and to proudly display your precious memories.

We understand that it can be hard to come up with ideas for wedding albums when it’s such an important project. With so many options to choose, some people have a hard time deciding how to start or what images to include. We’d like to give you some tips and ideas to make your wedding album unique and personalized. Of course, all the colors, materials and the album cover style are personalized, but the moments you choose to put in the album set the tone.


Creating the perfect wedding album, first starts with deciding which design style do you love the most. If you appreciate clean lines and black/white backgrounds, then Modern Design might be your style. But, if you prefer colorful backgrounds designed from the finer details of your most beautiful images, then Magazine Design might be perfect for you. Regardless of which design you select, you and your designer will work together to add that personal touch which lets always let your album stand out from any others. We believe the more input you have with your wedding album, the more it will truly feel like YOURS as a final product. Note: be sure your photographer captures all of the unique details that are of most importance to you. Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer throughout the wedding how the list of required photos that you provided is coming along!

With a bottle of wine, a laptop, and your new life partner sitting right next to you. After placing your order, the first step is to select the photos that will be used to design your album. The best way of making this process as efficient as possible is by separating your photos in folders such as (1. Getting Ready 2. Ceremony 3. Formal Portraits 4. Reception). You can make as many folders as you need to make sure your album tells the story exactly how you want it to. Once you’ve selected the amount of photos you would like in your album, follow the instruction in your order confirmation email to upload your photos.

On the day of your wedding, make sure your photographer captures pictures from the very beginning, until to very end. Some details you’ll definitely want to make sure are captured include your wedding gown, wedding rings, shoes, wedding invitation, wedding bouquet, wedding cake. You’ll also want to include funny or sentimental moments. You’ll also want to include funny or sentimental moments, and all the traditional ones. For a personal touch, we can add text to the background of a layout. This can include parts of your wedding vows or even lyrics to your song!

Lastly, don’t trade quality for price. Sure, mainstream photo printers offer free items and quick print photo scrapbooks– but do you want a family heirloom thrown together by a machine? The process and technique are what make this photo book last, so don’t fall for the quick gimmicks. Choose Albums Remembered because each album is hand-crafted by a master craftsman. Simply put, no one cares about your memories more. We know what it takes to create a timeless product and the quality to make it last for generations. Take time to browse our finished products for the best wedding album ideas, and tips to help with the process. No other company will give you the quality of book with the customization options we offer! For a stunning photo album, and to implement the perfect wedding album ideas, contact us now to get your album started.