How to Choose Your Album

If you’re working on a tight budget, you must first decide which is the most important to you, size or number of photos? Your wedding album is designed with a storybook feeling; a wonderful reminder of how your big day transpired. So, selecting a few photos from the time you begin getting ready, to the ceremony, to formal portraits and the reception will guarantee you’ll remember the day of events as they unfolded. Remember that this is your wedding album and you should mainly include photos that mean the most to you.

All our albums start with 30 pages, so that we can guarantee no matter how big or small the budget is, every couple will have some panoramic or full-page layouts to highlight the most favorite photos!

Budget from $300 to $400. Within this budget, our most popular album is either the 10×8 landscape or 8×10 portrait style album with 30 pages. Although, the lesser expensive 8×8 size is also a good option for those working with a very limited budget. Keep in mind the price difference between these two sizes is only $50. This budget allows for 75 photos with 30 pages. Budget from $400 to $500. Within this budget, you have a few more options. If you prefer a larger album and fewer photos, then the 8×12 and 10×10 albums with 75 photos and 30 pages are great options. If you prefer more photos, then you can choose an 10×10 or even an 8×12 album with 100 photos and 40 pages. Budget from $500 to $600. Within this budget, you can now select our largest size album which is an 11X14, or choose to include more photos in smaller size albums. The most popular packages are the 11×14 or 12×12 albums with 75 photos and 30 pages as well as the 12×8 with 125 photos and 50 pages. Budget from $600 to $800. This budget allows you to decide amongst any of the albums with 150 photos and 60 pages. Budget over $800. This budget allows you to decide amongst any cover style, any size of the albums we offer with the most number of photos as well.

Remember to have fun and get as much help as you can to narrow down your photos. Reach out to our designers and we’ll happily assist you. Who doesn’t LOVE a discount! Follow these steps to receive 5% off (excluding the shipping):

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