How to Choose Photos for Your Wedding Album

Sometimes the biggest dilemma newly-weds face is narrowing down their 1000+ wedding images to just the right ones for their professional wedding album. Albums Remembered offers albums ranging from 15 spreads (30 pages, 75 images) to 30 spreads (60 pages, 150 photos).

Where to even get this started?

Now that you have ordered your album and have chosen the amount of photos your album included. The question you’ll soon be asking yourself is how am I going to select my favorites from the thousand plus photos that I have? Here is how best to get started! First and foremost, create several folders for each mini event of your wedding. The most common mini events of a wedding and of which you should select your favorite photos, are as follows: “getting ready” , “ first look” , “ bridal party” “ceremony”, “ portraits” , “ cocktail“, “reception”, “Dancing and party”. Pick your top 10-20 photos in each mini event and you’ll end up with about 80 – 160 photos. And based on the number of photos you ordered, as well as, the importance of a particular mini event to you, you can adjust the photos in each mini event to make the decision process a bit easier.

We know what you’re thinking, and we completely get it!

How could you possibly leave any out? Well, here’s the deal. Your wedding album isn’t about sticking every picture ever taken in a book. It’s about creating a beautiful story, a family heirloom: a treasure. Narrowing them down allows your story to be told with more focus. It allows your story to flow, and gives adequate and equal attention to every part of your special day. Most importantly, it keeps the reader interested from beginning to end.

Don’t stress, we know what we’re doing, and we can guide you through this process. What’s that mama used to say—How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!


When you sit down and examine your photos, many pictures convey the same message.

The key to a unique wedding album is including all the pictures that tell the story in its entirety (or the parts that you think are important). The first step to narrowing wedding photos begins with deciding which parts of the wedding and engagement that you want to include in the book. Leave out the doubles, or the pictures that are similar. Some couples choose to leave out the engagement or do a separate album all together. Generally, folks choose to include pictures of Before the Ceremony. Pictures may include the venue before guests arrive, bride and groom getting ready, and bridal or family pictures.

It’s up to you: such is the beauty of Albums Remembered Wedding albums.

The next portion is about the ceremony.

Walking down the aisle, ring exchange, and the first kiss are typical of this portion. If there was a reception, adding a few candid photos is a great idea. Photos of guests dancing or mingling can capture those moments forever, and are sure to make you smile looking back.

Some couples choose to end the album with a picture of their honeymoon destination, or of the car they drove off in. The possibilities are endless, but stay focused and keep with your theme.


The most important thing to remember…

…when deciding what photos make the cut, is what parts of your wedding were the most special to you. This isn’t a generic wedding album, it’s YOURS! No matter what everyone else does, you should love it! Don’t leave out funny memories, something that touched your heart, or an event that you never want to forget.

Depending on the style of your album (storybook, modern, informal, etc), you can make room for all the details you want to include. The details are what personalize the album and make it special. Also, consider adding extra photos for the designer to include in the process. Sometimes extras are all they need to complete the perfect album!