Congratulations on your engagement! Now the real fun of planning a wedding begins. With so many details to think about, it can be hard to get everything checked off your list. Not to worry, fair bride! First things first: choose a great photographer and get an engagement session booked. A good photographer will know some creative ways to photograph you and your betrothed, but it’s always a good idea to have some pictures of poses you like in case some inspiration is needed. Just to make sure you don’t end up looking like prom dates, here are some creative new poses that will make your engagement photos mantle-worthy.

The Ring Shot

You’ve waited a long time to get the ring, he spent a lot of time and energy choosing one, make sure you get some great photos of the bling! While ring photos alone can be beautiful, make sure you get some of you wearing it and also of both of you with some strategic ring placement.

Photo by Carolynn Seibert


Photo by JoPhoto

Swept Off Your Feet

The person you want to spend the rest of your life with has swept you off your feet, so recreate that feeling in a photo. Whether you’re jumping onto his back for a playful piggyback ride or he’s lifting you into the air for a fairytale kiss, this photo is sure to make it into a frame.


Photo by Truephotography Weddings


Photo by Studio 29

The Almost Kiss

It may feel a little weird when a photographer asks you to lean in for a kiss but stop just before your lips touch, but the end result is really adorable. You may laugh and end up with a really candid shot of natural smiles that capture your true personalities.


Photo by Kristen Booth


Photo by Carolyn Rush Photography

The Kiss

A kiss is a sweet way to show your love and excitement for your upcoming nuptials. Rather than just stand there and make out, try hiding your kiss behind a tree or prop. A kiss doesn’t have to be on  the lips either. A quick peck or a kiss on the head can be just as stunning.


Photo by Laura Ivanova Photography


Photo by Dylan and Sara Photography

The Perfect Portrait

A really great portrait of you two can end up being your favorite photo for years to come. This shot can be as simple as you two standing next to each other  in front of an engaging background or as fun as him wrapping his arms around you for a bear hug. Whatever you choose, this photo should capture you two, in this moment, as your natural selves.


Photo by Finessence Photography


Photo by Alixann Loosle Photography

After the big day, recreate an engagement shot in your wedding attire to bring the photos full circle!


Photo by Roeh Photography

Your engagement photos should be captured as part of your love story. Put them in a beautiful lay-flat photo album from Albums Remembered, or include them in your flush mount wedding photo album for a fairytale story from start to finish. Whatever your special day brings, remember every minute with a professionally designed wedding album  – contact Albums Remembered today to start designing your perfect memory!