Most newly engaged couples aren’t looking at the search for a wedding venue as a Ceasar-esque attempt at conquest, but often that’s how it feels. Finding a good venue that reflects your personality can reduce this stress and allow you to focus on the fun parts. Let’s take a look at some of the options with their pros and cons.

1.The tradition Venue

Depending on your background or the background of your future spouse, the choice may already be made for you. Certain religions, Catholicism come to mind, require that the couple be wed in a church of that religion. This is not at all a bad thing, however as many of the faiths that require this have some of the most awe inspiring spaces. Be certain that your photographer takes advantage of the artistic and architectural uniqueness of the wedding venue if you do choose this type of space. Often the space will have arches, columns or stained glass windows that will look fantastic in your wedding album. A good album for this kind of venue might be something classic like a leather cover.


2.The Non-traditional Space

This is an option you can be a little more creative with. A non-tradition space can be literally anywhere you want that has enough room for the bride, the groom any whatever guests you want to invite. The main advantage here is that the couple can pick a location that means something to both of them. It could be the first church they went to together, the conference room where they met as coworkers or the bank lobby where they first bumped into each other. A metal covered wedding album would be perfect to showcase the photos from this kind of venue.


3.The Outdoor Venue

This risk with this wedding venue is pretty obvious. Rain. Any couple that considers this already knows the risk, but this risk can also help display the adventurous spirit of the couple. There are some ways to mitigate the and the payoff is an amazing wedding with full natural light for the wedding photos. Choosing a location that has a covered shelter you can use or least keep open as a backup is one way to reduce the risk of bad weather. Another option would be to select a reception location that can double as a location for the wedding. To display these photos an album with a more natural look, like linen, would be a good choice.outdoor-wedding-design-1024x512

No matter what type of venue is chose the most important part is the celebration of the joining of two people and of the memories that will be created. Making sure that those memories are preserved in an album that reflects the couples personalities as much as the venue doe can make the difference between some that sits on the shelf and something is displayed proudly on the coffee table.