Every wedding photographer has their own unique style, dictated by how they shoot and the final product delivered. When it comes down to hiring the right person for the job, their style should match your own. Learn about the most popular wedding photography styles, to determine which one aligns with your wedding day vision.


Formal yet modern, traditional photography is a reflection of reality, with a touch of the photographers personal style. You will receive some candid photographs, but they will primarily consist of portraits. Therefore this style is ideal for someone looking to frame family, friends, and details of the day on the walls of their home. The images always fare well against the test of time.


‘Moody’ brides and grooms who plan to showcase a dark color palette need a photographer with a style to match it. The alternative style is relatively new but picking up speed in the wedding industry. Replicating the product of film photography, it rich in color and contrast. Many prefer this style as it accurately captures the ambience of the day.


Artistic or fine art photography goes a step further than traditional. While the photographer will still capture all of the fine details, they will do so in a way that each photo could stand alone. In many cases, posing will be relaxed, and the frame or angle will not be head on. This style is perfect for couples looking to blow up a few photos, rather than put the entire album on display.


Increasing in popularity, lifestyle photography is all about capturing the essence of the couple and their guests. The images will appear candid, although some posing and direction may be given. The results are still artistic and colorful in content, yet have a relaxed vibe. For this reason they tend to look stunning compiled as a timeline or story of the day in an album.


If your goal is photographs that could grace the cover of a magazine, look into editorial photography. These images are dramatic and tasteful, yet a bit edgy and sexy. The angles are often unique, and can be close up or far away, depending on the photographers creative preference. The photographer will also direct the couple on how to pose, so at times you may feel like a model on the job.


Associated with destination weddings, adventure style photography revolves around a location or action. The photographer will snap shots of the couple in the heat of the moment, whether it be hiking up a mountain or enjoying a dinner for two in a secluded forest. These images are often rich in color, yet may be darker depending on whether the photographer opts to work with equipment or the natural light.

Whether you are selecting table linens, crafting centerpieces or compiling a color palette, you are contributing to an overall aesthetic. By hiring a photographer whose photography style compliments your personal taste, the images will accurately retell the story of your wedding day.

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