One of the more fun jobs you will be tasked with during your wedding planning journey is selecting favors for your guests. Notably, these small tokens of appreciation tend to be a frequently wasted investment. It can be tricky to find a gift that your guests will truly like, use or keep, however it is not impossible. Keep reading for a list of popular wedding favors that are sure to impress your guests.

Handmade Soaps

Cute scented handmade soaps have been all the rage over the last several years. You can go for a simple hand soap, or offer a body wash. To make it even more fun, provide two different options for both women and men, that reflect the bride and grooms personal taste.

Coffee Grounds

Nothing tastes better the morning after a gnarly wedding reception that a freshly brewed cup of joe. Coffee grounds are a relatively cheap and popular gift option, perfect for a diverse range of ages.

Lottery Scratch Offs

Offer some fun and anticipation, with a couple of lottery scratch offs. They regularly make an appearance as stocking stuffers, so why not use them as a wedding favor? Kids and adults alike are sure to enjoy this gift, as well as the chance of some extra moolah.

Moscow Mule Mugs

Depending on the type of drinks you are serving, gift your guests with some quality drinkware. It might be a customized glass, for those offering a wide selection of drinks, or something more specific. Consider a moscow mule mug, ceramic mugs for booze infused hot cocoa, or even a shot glass for fans of liquor.

Honey or Preservatives

If you prefer to give guests something that they will get a handful of uses out of, go with small jars of honey or preservatives. Each is used sparingly, so they will get a few servings out of it. Not to mention, they usually come in cute reusable jars.

Mini Succulents

Give your friends and family something more permanent, if they have a green thumb that is, via a small succulent. Get a variety of different plants, with different colors and personalities, so that your guests can pick and choose the one they connect with. You can opt to leave them in disposable containers, or place them in pots.

Bottled Cold Brew Coffee

If you love coffee but are hosting a summer wedding, a hot drink is probably the last thing you want. Instead, provide your guests with a bottle of cold brew coffee, perfect for a kick of caffeine that is also refreshing and convenient for carrying.

A Disposable Camera

Your wedding night will not only hold special memories for you, but your guests as well. Make sure they have photographs to take home, with a disposable camera. This is a relatively cheap option that guests will love and are sure not to toss. It will go over even better if you have a photo station.

Lip Balm

No one is impervious to chapped lips! No matter what time of year it is, lip balm will go over well. It is a convenient gift that they will keep in their pocket, purse or car. Plus you can get it in a variety of flavors to go with the season. Something more cooling for warmer seasons, and something more festive for the winter.

Hot Chocolate Mix

Perfect for the colder months or a holiday themed wedding, hot chocolate is a tasty treat that your guests will be excited to take home and enjoy. You can put it in a number of cute single serving containers, from test tubes, to mason jars or sturdy envelopes.


If you are having an outdoor wedding ceremony during the fall, where the weather can get a little uncomfortable or be sporadic, blankets are a welcome wedding favor. They don’t have to be fancy, just something to cover up with to stay cozy for an hour or so.

Midnight Snack Bags

Planning on letting your wedding reception run well past midnight? You and your guests will probably want a snack, and quickly realize that the food has been long gone. Be prepared, with a cute box of goodies ready to grab for each guest. Fill it with filling and salty snacks that one might crave, like nuts, chips and chocolate.

Luggage Tags

Perfect for couples who have chosen to host a destination wedding, luggage tags will be a cute and much appreciated gift. There are a number of styles to choose from, plus if you are hosting a more intimate event – as most do with destination weddings – you can opt for a more luxurious product.

Travel Hand Sanitizer

We think everyone can agree, you can never have too much hand sanitizer. In a conveniently small package, it makes for a life saver in instances where no bathrooms are available. For many, it will likely come in handy at your event, whether due to sticky alcohol or a long bathroom line.

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