There are few things more daunting than hiring a wedding photographer. Not only can they cost a pretty penny, but they can literally make or break how you remember the big day. However, finding the right photographer entails more than just sticking to your budget. Keep reading to learn some helpful tips that will help you find the wedding photographer of your dreams!

Take Your Time

It is important that as soon as you get engaged, you begin looking for a wedding photographer. By starting your search early, you will have a better chance of snagging the photographer of your preference. Photographers who are in high demand will fill up their books quickly, sometimes years in advance. Often times, booking early means you also have the ability to wait for special deals that may be offered during holidays or slow seasons.

Find Your Style

Another reason that you should begin searching for a photographer early, is so that you can determine your preferred photography style. Every photographer shoots in a unique style, that typically falls in one of several categories. Refer to our previous blog, Wedding Photography Style 101, to help you determine which of these styles aligns with your vision.

Do Your Research

There are several avenues that you should follow, to find potential wedding photographers. You can peruse social media, hunt down a local business, or utilize word of mouth. However after you find several contenders, it is essential that you research each candidate thoroughly Check any and all online reviews, visit their website, and speak to anyone you know who previously worked with them. The culmination of this information will help you narrow your search.

Make a Connection

A photographer should hopefully offer a consultation, to establish a relationship with you. However, if they do not, you should insist on meeting with them prior to putting pen to paper. Despite having wonderful samples, they could be difficult to work with or may be unable to grasp your vision. By making a meaningful connection with your photographer you will be more comfortable working with them, such as making requests, and enjoy the overall experience.

Get All of the Details

When you meet with a photographer, it is your opportunity to get any questions or concerns out of the way. Go over the details and deliverables of their packages, any expectations, as well as your rights – such as print releases – and get it all in writing. You should receive a detailed breakdown of their packages, and any add-ons. Once everything is agreed on, you will want to be sure it is included on the final contract, or request that it be rewritten.

Compare Their Packages

This is the stage during which you will decide which elements of a package are a priority, and which you are willing to let go of. You may just find exactly what you are searching for, and be able to stick to your budget. However, be diligent in comparing different packages, and breaking down what they do and do not include.

Have Some Trust

When you find the right photographer, one thing you will notice is how much you trust them. You shouldn’t feel the need to go over their work, look over their shoulder, or direct them. Come the day of your wedding, you should be able to enjoy the day, all the while knowing the photographer is meeting or exceeding your expectations. Trust that they understand your vision and goals, and that they have your best interest in mind.

At Albums Remembered, we believe every couple deserves to have an enjoyable photography experience. By going into the hiring process with these tips, and a keen eye for red flags, you are sure to have success. After your nuptials, we hope you will look to us to turn the cherished images into a beautiful heirloom. Our customizable flush mount albums are the perfect way to look back on and share this milestone. With more than 25O reviews on WeddingWire, we guarantee an enjoyable design process and a high quality product. Whether you get started today or bookmark our website for later, we can’t wait to work with you!