Selecting wedding flowers is an extremely important part of wedding planning. Not only do they help set the mood, set a color scheme and compliment the theme of the wedding, but they are such an integral part of the wedding that they are often featured in wedding albums, and photographs. Choosing wedding flowers is not easy, and knowing a few simple steps in selecting flowers will not only reduce stress, but save time and money.


Credit: WeddingChicks

One of the first things to keep in mind is that though contacting florists should be done early in the wedding planning process selecting flowers should be done after deciding on the dress, colors and theme. This is because there are a variety of flowers to choose from, and those selected should be textures that compliment the style of the wedding. They should also be selected after the wedding color scheme has been selected. Flowers should compliment color schemes in napkins, invitations, and bridesmaid dresses.


Credit: WeddingChicks

For instance, if brides have selected a romantic theme for the wedding, with shades of pink, brides should select various shades of pink, lavender, and whites for the flower arrangement. Nothing says contemporary romance like roses or tulips, which helps set a contemporary modern feel and look. Other brides, who prefer more of a garden setting might select flowers with a textured appeal, such as Peonies, or hydrangeas.

No matter what flowers are selected make sure they perfectly flow and compliment the wedding colors. They should softly blend and create an aura of style and color fashion. The dress, flowers and cake are some of the most important elements of the wedding.


Wedding planners can help couples select the perfect flowers, and also the most professional photo designers, and wedding album. Albums should reflect the wedding’s beauty and style. They should be carefully selected since this is the couple’s keepsake to one of the most important days of their lives. Expert designers will artistically create photos that perfectly reflect the love, affinity, colors and style of the wedding.

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