There is no better way to decorate a wedding venue with beautiful and colorful flowers for a perfect backdrop for wedding day photography. Unlike the other traditional wedding flowers, these exotic flowers will give a new look to your wedding venue. For the bride who wants some ideas to choose some alternative flower arrangements for her wedding, here is a list of exotic wedding flowers.

Birds of Paradise: This unique flower will add a hue of color to your wedding venue. With so many options of bright shades available, Bird of Paradise is certainly a good exotic flower choice ideal for wedding decoration. Selections include red, purple, and green colored flowers with small banana leaf shaped leaves. These flowers have long and slender stems, perfect for making an arrangement or an impressive display.

Calla Lily: Lily is always one among the top choices for wedding flowers. Even many varieties of Calla lilies are often used for making centerpieces for weddings. These flowers come in pink, yellow, orange, and purple shades. As they have very strong and long stems, they look great in a long glass vase. If you are looking for some bright colored flowers for corsages and boutonnieres, then small calla lilies are a good choice.


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Anthurium: Although Anthurium is a commonly found flower, many couples ignore choosing this for their wedding day flower decorations. Anthurium varieties include many bright colored options too. These typical heart-shaped flowers wonderfully complement the wedding venue. Anthurium varieties are ideal for making a flower arrangement, center piece, and bridal bouquets. Available colors include red, deep purple, cream, white, lavender, pistachio, peach, and burgundy.

Ginger: Although this flower is widely used for tropical wedding venue decoration, it can be a great choice for an urban wedding in New York or California too. These flower types come in different color ranges, including lavender, white, and red with pink tips. As the stems of these flowers are thick and strong, they are great options for flower arrangement in tall vases. Ginger flowers can also be combined with light colored small flowers for making an eye-catchy centerpiece.jenn-bgsign-680x1024

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Orchids: Orchids are commonly used for wedding decorations. Orchids, after all, complement any background beautifully. Available varieties for decoration are also many. The color choices range from pale hues to bright shades and even multi-colored patterns, making them an ideal choice for wedding day bouquets, centerpiece, and arrangements.Signature_0009-1024x682

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Heliconia: These uniquely shaped flowers come in bright colors like fushia, orange, and deep red. These large flowers resemble the shape of lobster claws. They look great in huge flower arrangements and in combination with many other tropical flowers in vases.

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