As a couple, there are so many things to think of when planning the perfect summer wedding. You may have been dreaming of the details for a long time. After the ceremony, when it comes to the reception, most guests will remember the food, the fun atmosphere and that special moment when you, as a couple, slice into the wedding cake to share your first taste as newlyweds. It’s these moments that you’ll recall when you look back through your wedding album, so think carefully about which cake will best fit your dream summer wedding.


Photo from our client: Sandra S., CA

1. Consider the possibility of soaring temperatures.

Depending on where the reception takes place, the weather may be very hot in the midst of summer. So, the choice of cake should reflect that. Decide what kind of frosting tastes the best, and then double check with the baker to make sure it will hold up to any environmental factors. This holds true for fillings as well. A melting cake on the big day won’t be a good thing.


Photo from our client: Lindsey D., TX

2. It’s all about the location.

Will the reception be held indoors or outside? Let the cake decorations and topper reflect the physical location of the party. If it’s a beach side ceremony, take cues from the ocean in both decorations and color-theme. The same is true for a garden party or even an indoor, formal event. The cake will likely be featured in the wedding photo album, so plan for a cohesive look that can blended in with other photo spreads to give a meaningful reflection of the entire event.


Photo from our client: Meghan P., Canada

3. Keep memories of the entire process.

When it comes to wedding planning, some of the decision-making can be a bit overwhelming. There is possibly no other part of the planning that the couple enjoys more than choosing the perfect cake. All that taste-testing is fun and delicious. Plus, it includes both the bride and the groom. Remember to get photos at the bakery and consultation, as well as at the reception so those memories can be designed into the pages of the wedding album.

4. Think outside the cake box.

Nobody said that the perfect wedding cake actually had to be a cake. Particularly in the summer months when the weather is typically warmer, an alternative dessert might be a welcome change for the guests. Passed desserts such as petit fours and cupcakes are a great way to experiment with different flavor combinations to please every palate at the reception.


Photo from our client: Kathleen F.,Maryland

The most important thing to remember when planning your dream summer wedding that includes the perfect cake? Relax and have fun. Whether it’s the planning stages or the big day, getting all the elements chronicled will truly make the big day, and all the memories that go with it, extraordinary.