To some brides and grooms, fairytales and fantasy are as much a part of their identity as what they do for a living. Perhaps, you met at a Renaissance Faire. Or, maybe, your love of the Lord of the Rings series and Magic: The Gathering brought you together. Some couples go all out for their weddings: designing a “fantasy theme” complete with hobbit feet and Smaug-shaped cakes; others may want traditional wedding décor on the whole. Even in a predominantly conventional wedding, there are ways to get a touch of the mysticism into your wedding photos. Just ask your professional photographer.

A Sprinkle of Fairy Dust

A professional photographer can recreate sparkling “fairy dust” in a couple of ways. He or she can either pose the happy couple or the wedding party amidst iridescent, glittery material, or the photographer can add a shimmer effect later in editing. Both can even be done to make sure the images truly look like a fairy shook her wand over the event. Also, ask about subtly adding a butterflies or tiny fairy wings to the photograph, either during the shoot or later in editing, to represent the fairies.

A Knightly Pose

If you don’t want to dress in a knight’s gleaming armor or as an elegant and civilized daughter of a nobleman for your wedding and reception, you can convey chivalry through pose alone. Ask your photographer to take inspiration from the love stories of Guinevere and Arthur­—or Lancelot if you prefer that version—or Tristan and Isolde­. The groom may be posed on one knee kissing the hand of his bride to evoke the sentiment of a knight off to slay a dragon or win a jousting tournament for his lady. A lady can use a handkerchief as a lady’s favor for her gallant groom. The photographer might also suggest adding small, theme-appropriate props, such as a sword at his side or a crown of flowers upon her head.

A Love Spell

When you fell in love, it was magic. A professional photographer can translate that sensation into the wedding images by adding lighting that resembles a charmed spell to photos of you kissing one another or gazing with love into each other’s eyes. In editing, your photographer can add swirls of light around you. Red or pink hues make excellent choices for the representation of a love spell. Ask him or her to add those butterflies or fairy wings here as well, so you know who’s casting the magic. The feeling of magic can also be enhanced through posing. Ask your photographer for suggestions or examples of poses from his or her portfolio.

All weddings are magic, but there’s a special kind of enchantment that fantasy-loving couples embrace. Celebrate out the wonder that first spurred you into your mutual love of fantasy by using magical wedding photography.