When it comes to a milestone in your life, such as your wedding, there are some traditions worth safeguarding—no matter how the times change. Hiring a professional photographer and creating an album keepsake, even if you’re used to snapping selfies with your phone, is one such tradition. However, there are fun ways to work with your photographer to take advantage of everyone’s instinct to post pictures to social media during your wedding.

Encourage Selfies

The American Press Institute reports that 57 percent of millennials use Facebook every day and 26 percent use Instagram. Take advantage of this commonality and ask your guests to snap pictures of themselves throughout the proceedings. Have them email the photos to you or your photographer. Upload all of the photos from your guests to an Instagram account created just for your wedding, so everyone can see your wedding from your guests’ many points of view all in one place. Later, create a printed album using these photos.

 Wedding Photography Trend

Photo credit: Customer Lesley, IL

Play Social Media “Tag”

Make snapping pics with phones a game for your guests during the big day. Put together a “selfie station” at your reception where guests can take photos with wedding props. Then ask them to post the photos to their own Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts with the caveat that they must tag someone they know is at the wedding into the post. That person then must head to the “selfie station” and do the same to another guest. Collect those photos for an album as well.

 Wedding Photography Trend

Photo credit: Customer Carrie, CA

Create Table Decorations from Social Media Pictures

Many modern couples have documented the highlights of their dating experience via photos they’ve shared online. From the first date to big social events to the engagement announcement, comb through your social media accounts to find your favorite photos with your groom or bride-to-be. Work with your photographer to create decorations that use these photos as the centerpiece and place them on the tables in your reception area. Every guest will have access to a series of special couple’s moments in your life, as you begin your journey as a newly married pair.

While you don’t want your entire wedding experience captured via selfies, they do offer a more intimate and casual view of the day. Get the best of both worlds by creating an wedding album of professional photos and a wedding album—online or offline—of social media pics, so you remember how beautiful and how fun the day was.