” During the process of looking for a photography company for our wedding we were introduced the the acrylic album which we fell in love with. Every company that we talked to that provided that type of album was part of a very expensive package that was out of out budget. Since we knew we wanted the acrylic I started searching online hoping I could find the manufacturer and order it myself. Having seen them in person I knew some of the buzz words to look for like flush mount, thick paper and such. That is when came across Albums Remembered website and fell in love. I knew it was what I was looking for at a much more reasonable price. The last component was finding a photographer that was willing to only sell us our digital images without having to purchase some complete expensive package. We liked him. He also offered the acrylic album but the price was higher and probably included his up cost for design. With Albums Remembered service I fell like we were able to get both the design and the quality product for a lower price without sacrificing quality. I also Love the idea of unlimited revisions (which most photographers don’t provide) though I probably won’t use too much of that service as I need it printed quickly. I also read the reviews that I found online about Albums Remembered and they were all glowing. ”

You can always get your professional wedding album after you receive all the photos with the copyrights from your photographer. But hiring the right photographer to get professional looking photos which meet your expectation can be a stressful experience, especially if you aren’t familiar with photographer. Keep in mind that these professionals work hard to make sure you and your family look great on the big day, from advice about poses and makeup to editing the photos long after you’ve gone on your honeymoon.

Determine The Style You’re Looking For

Different photographers shoot with different styles. One may create a soft, romantic feeling while others take on a more photojournalist style. Spend some time looking at various styles and get an idea of what most appeals to you. This will help you choose a photographer you will be happy with.


Photo from our client: Kaela H.


Photo from our client: Kaela H.

Consider How Many Photographers You Need

Sometimes a couple needs more than one photographer for the big day. Having at least two photographers on site will help ensure that all the important moments are captured and that every angle is seen. For example, it is almost impossible for one photographer to get all the delicate closeups of the ceremony you may want while also getting sweeping panoramic shots from the back of the church.

Have An Idea of The Time Involved

Knowing the amount of time you will need the photographer will help you get an accurate price estimate and give you a place to start discussing what you want. Do you want getting ready pictures of the bride and groom? Are you expecting shots of the rehearsal dinner or just the ceremony and reception? Having an idea of what you want before you talk to the photographer will help make sure you are on the same page.

Consider The Shots You Want To Add In The Album

Communication with your photographer clearly about the shots you must have. They can be all the details shots of your reception, or the first dancing shots. If you want some panoramic shots for the album layouts later on,  make sure your photographer know what you expect.  Communication is the key to getting what you want.


Photo from our client: Elizabeth P.


Photo from our client: Mellissa S.

Get Reviews

With the internet, you almost never have to shop in the dark. Look for reviews of other people’s experiences with the photographer you are considering. If you have other friends who’ve gotten recently married, ask them who they used and if they were happy with what they got. Ask to see some of the pictures to get an idea of whether it meets your personal taste. This kind of research will save you a huge amount of trouble down the road.

Know Your Budget

Good photographers are expensive, but they are often worth the money. Be sure to go in knowing what you can afford to spend. It is okay to negotiate with a photographer like any wedding vendor, but don’t be insulting. Never suggest that a photographer do your wedding for free to get “exposure” or build their portfolio since this will often lead to animosity between you.

Finding the right photographer is a process, but with clear communication and a little research you can ensure you get the wedding album of your dreams.