Imagine, you’re getting ready to have a dinner party in your new house and all of your friends are coming over for the first time.  You’re so excited to show them pictures from the wedding because you haven’t seen them since.

As you’re loading the computer, you think that while the pictures might be fantastic, it just isn’t the same as viewing all of the images in a beautiful professional photo album. There’s just something about sitting at the table, having drinks and reminiscing about how fantastic your special day was. It just isn’t the same.

A wedding album isn’t just a photo book that you take out once in a while, it is a memory of one of the most special days you’ll have in your life and when you get to open the book or simply see it laying around on that beautiful coffee table you can’t help but have all of those feelings flood over you again when you see those amazingly designed layouts.

He will remember how amazing you looked as you walked down the aisle and remember, “That is my wife.”  You’ll remember how it felt to put the ring on his finger and to have that first kiss as husband and wife.  And you know what?

All of those feelings, all of those memories are right in your photo album.

As you have children, they of course want to see where their parents “started” their lives together and they get to feel a little bit of that with you as you sit by the fire and look at those amazing memories. There’s just something about reliving those memories with a high quality family heirloom that you’ll be able to pass down for many generations.

Couples pass down their wedding albums to their kids so that as their kids have kids and their grandkids have kids, they will have those memories and pictures of where it all began.  It’s your chance to show your family where their legacy started and that right there is priceless.