Modern photography businesses deliver wedding photographs via a jump drive or an online gallery. So why would you need to have the images professionally printed? As far as you know, they will remain safely stored for you to use as you please. We have to tell you, this is a fairy tale. By purchasing a wedding album, you will get the most out of your photographs, and save yourself potential heartache.

  1. Get Your Money’s Worth

Let’s be frank, wedding photography is expensive. In fact, it’s one of the most expensive aspects of a wedding, averaging $2,679 in 2018. That being said, it would be a disserve not to print such breathtaking images. Wedding photography is a work of art that details the story of your wedding day. By compiling the images in an album with a story-telling layouts, you will be able to share this cherished milestone for years to come. Just image sitting on the sofa with loved ones, flipping through the pages, stopping frequently to relive and swap memories.

  1. Technology is Fleeting

Knickknack heirlooms may be a thing of the past, but the same can’t be said about wedding albums. Looking at any album for that matter delivers a warm feeling of nostalgia, but wedding albums are extra special. As much as you love looking at your wedding photographs, one day your kids will too. By investing in a high quality album that can withstand the test of time, it can be passed down for a number of generations to enjoy. Now more than ever, people want a physical way to trace and look back on their family tree.


  1. To Create an Heirloom

We get it, technology is amazing. It is for the most part reliable and, nowadays, comes equipped with numerous fail safes. In the event that your laptop crashes, you can always restore everything it had stored. Right? Wrong! Couples frequently delay printing their images, only to have the unimaginable happen. Avoid this mistake and invest in a physical album that you can personally keep track of.

Everyone plans on setting aside time to have their photographs professionally printed, and one by one placed in an album. Rarely does this actually happen. Life flies by, as things at work or home get busy, and soon enough you forget. That is why at Albums Remembered we are dedicated to making it simple to create a high quality wedding album. Our couples work directly with a graphic designer to perfect the layout and embellishments of their album, before it is finalized and sent to print. Plus, choosing around 100 photos out of a thousand is much easier with the help of our new photo sorting service. We can’t wait to help you customize a one-of-a-kind heirloom album. Contact us today for more information.