You spent hours choosing the right gown, settling on the best venue, critiquing whimsical fonts for your invitations, tasting hors d’oeuvres and jam-filled cakes and getting everything just right for your special day. You did a tremendous job. Bravo! All of your family and friends had a terrific time dancing the night away at your wedding. It was the perfect affair. Now you have one more pivotal task to complete. How do you save that perfect memory for posterity? All of those other choices were made for the enjoyment of all your guests, but your wedding album is the one creation to come out of your wedding that is just for you. With such a big job to do, why would you leave the details to anyone else? Choosing your own wedding photo album is not only fun, but it can be simple too. The end result is a memory book that tells the story of your wedding through your own eyes.

When choosing your wedding album, there are some natural strategies to help you narrow down your field of choices. Albums Remembered offers many different types of wedding photo album covers. You want to select the one that is the best for you, not for someone else’s wedding. Refer to the style of your wedding. Was it regal and timeless? Was it modern and fun? Your album cover should be an extension of the theme of your wedding.



Wedding album cover is not what it used to be; stark white satin with an embroidered bell or heart. Contemporary wedding album covers are as personal as the wedding itself. Find the photo that best illustrates your wedding and choose the cover type that best complements that photo. Whether it be leather, acrylic, linen or metal the choices and combinations are vast but like choosing your dress; when you see it, you will know.


Now that you have chosen the style of your album cover, you may choose the photos you want to put into the layouts. Selecting the best photos from your wedding will help you narrow down the number of pages. To tell your big day story, arrange all your photos chronologically. The other wedding album size is the dimensions of the album itself. From a square 8X8 to a large 11X14, there are a number of sizes in between to suit your needs.

Choose Your Wedding Album That Suits You

The most important aspect of wedding album is to take your time and make it the way you want it to be. Don’t feel compelled to include certain people a certain number of times. Remember this is your book. Do it the way that best suits you and best depicts your special day.