Preparing for a wedding is so very busy that it can be hard to think ahead to the day itself. With all of the buildup, of course you want your wedding day to be remembered, and that is where talking with the photographer comes in. To make sure that you have the images that you want for your special wedding album, be ready to capture these special unique moments.

Rehearsal Dinner
Remember that the wedding festivities often start the night before! Bring the photographer to the rehearsal dinner and make sure that he or she gets some shots of the family when they are all relaxed. This is an excellent way to really capture the emotion of a wedding party when it is casual and unstressed.

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer
Little children are amazing sources of love and joy on wedding days, so make sure that your photographer snaps a few great shots of the children in the wedding party. Get a few of the flower girl and the ring bearer together, and if you can, perhaps get them pose for other shots with the bride and the groom. This can be a lovely way to give a real family feel to the photographs.


First Sight of Bride
one of the most affecting moments in a wedding is when the groom sees his bride for the first time. This is a big moment and more and more often, it is happening before the walk down the aisle. Make sure that your photographer is ready to snap the groom’s excited reaction to seeing his bride in her wedding dress.

Mother-in-Law and Bride
Capture a few intimate moments between the mother-in-law and the bride, perhaps with the mother-in-law helping her son’s bride fix her hair or her dress. This is a relationship that is often mocked for its combativeness, but if it is a good relationship, it should be honored!

A wedding dance is one of the times when people just cut loose, and it is a fantastic time to look for candids. Ask your photographer to pay special attention to people who are dancing, whether it is because they are dancing well, enthusiastically, or uncharacteristically. Have your friends pair up people and let your wedding guests get to know each other.


Albums are lovely for keeping your memories safe for you, but remember that you need to capture those moments first. A little bit of coaching and planning can help you figure out how you are going keep these moments close for a lifetime.