Weddings are important. It’s a very true statement, and also perhaps one of the single greatest understatements one could ever make. Because not only is a marriage important, it may well be the single most important moment in two people’s lives. It’s a moment where two separate lives join together for the rest of time, where two families merge as one, and where the promise of a future family is presented. All of this during a celebration of one’s love and devotion, from one wonderful person to another. Because the moment is so important, people have always been interested in preserving it as much as possible. In days of old this could be in the form of elaborate portraits, and more recently photo albums have become a tradition. However, new times bring new improvements. And it is possible to maintain the beauty of tradition while still enjoying the new features offered by today’s technology.

This can best be seen with new advances in wedding album design. There’s been a number of amazing advances in how a wedding album is constructed. For example, Albums Remembered offers an amazing combination of tradition and technology. Basically, clients take his or her wedding photos and uploads them to the website. From here, they can participate in a number of really fantastic design choices in order to create a wedding album design which really expresses the nature of the day. Albums Remembered refers to this as a DIT project. Basically, instead of “do it yourself” it’s a “lets do it together” exercise in album design. It brings together experts to offer their help with design choices, and one’s inner artist to match feeling to presentation choices.
Marriage Tradition
At the end of this design process, the wedding album will be available in two forms. The first is a digital album which can be easily shared with friends and family all over the world. One of the really fantastic features of these digital albums is that they will always be safe from any disaster. While one will hopefully never face the possibility of natural disaster, it’s always reassuring to know that one’s precious memories will always be safe. Once the digital album is created, it’s safe for all time.

Marriage Tradition

Of course it’s not all digital. After the design, it will be fully realized as a physical flush mount album. For those unfamiliar with this type of album, it’s one of the best and highest quality productions one could ever hope for. It’s the perfect way to present the happiest day in a couple’s life. The digital design compliments the beauty of handcrafted books perfectly. The end result is something that looks amazing. But just as importantly, it feels amazing as well. People are sure to be impressed when they peruse the album, and feel the thickness of the material, the nature of the wonderful photography paper, and just the feeling of a beautifully and lovingly crafted book. This combination of tradition and innovation makes it one of the best choices a couple could make for their big day.

Wedding album design