Bridal portraits were once something only the very wealthy could afford, as photography was an expensive pursuit. Until World War II, many wedding photos were taken in a studio. Since many weddings were on the fast and furious side during the war, photographers were not always present during the ceremony to take photos to commemorate the occasion. Bridal portraits became popular so that brides could have quality photos of the special day without needing a photographer to come to the church.

Portraits are still beautiful way to capture the bride in her gown. Especially popular in the south, bridal portraits can become treasured photos of such a lovely part of your life. Check out these poses to get your imagination going for a special bridal session of your own!


Photographers are always looking for fantastic light, and a portrait near a window can provide a romantic shot you’ll love. Whether it’s a silhouette or a more casual seated photo, windows often provide great views of your wedding gown as well.

Bridal Portraits

Photo credits: Carmen Santorelli PhotographyChi Photography of Atlanta

Bridal Portraits

Photo credits: R & K PhotographyIAN JOHNSON PHOTO 


Nothing says fairytale like a beautiful bride descending a staircase. A portrait on the stairs puts your gown front and center while still creating a beautiful moment for an unforgettable image.

Bridal Portraits

Photo credits: Dana Cubbage, Christina Caroll PhotographyBobbi+Mike

Candid Laughs

A woman is never more beautiful than when she is genuinely happy. If something funny happens during your shoot and your authentic laugh is captured, the end result is pure magic.


Photo credits: Leslee MitchellSteve DePino


Depending on the time of the year and the light at the time of day, the great outdoors can offer a truly spectacular array of portrait options.  Try finding a wooded area to create a dappled sunlight effect, or choose an open meadow or lakeside for other great shots.

 jessica-frey-510x635 jose-villa

Photo credits: Jessica Frey Photography Jose Villa

Church or Ceremony Venue

Chances are you’re getting married in a place that means something special to you. Whether its a place of worship or a beautiful outdoor ceremony, your church or ceremony venue can offer some beautiful bridal portrait opportunities.


Photo credits: Brooke Turner PhotographyMary Fields Photography, Callie Riesling Photography


Being a blushing bride can be hard work! Don’t feel like you have to stand and pose for your entire shoot. Kick up your heels and relax a bit!


Photo credits: Kristen Soileau PortraitsO’Malley PhotographersAshleigh Taylor Photography, Tec Petaja Photo


Your veil is such an iconic bridal item, so don’t miss your opportunity to capture this special piece of your wedding day. There are a lot of different ways to style a photo with a veil, so get creative and ask your photographer to offer tips on good poses. No matter if you go classic or funky, everyone will know you’re the star of the show.


Photo credits: Blue Sky Photography, Elizabeth Messina


This style of photography is a really big trend for brides and weddings. An overhead shot provides a really beautiful perspective of your wedding day and may just become one of your favorite portraits.


Photo credits: Bobbi+MikeDana CubbageAmber Davis Photography

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