Your wedding has come and gone. It was the perfect day; the ceremony was magical, the reception was everything you had dreamed it would be, and you can now say you’re joined forever with your best friend. Sigh. Isn’t it all just so fantastic?

But wait. Now what? You’ve spent months, and perhaps the good chunk of a couple of years, planning this amazing party. You’ve checked off every box on the checklist. You’ve clinked all the champagne glasses. And now it’s over. Fear not! There are still things to do, and after spending so much time planning, and listing, and checking off lists, one more post-wedding to do list will feel like an old friend. Grab a glass of wine and check out these things to do after your wedding.


Yes, you, bride! You’ve put a lot of time and energy into planning this big day and you deserve a moment to be still. Think of all of the amazing things that happened on your day, because you chose each and every detail. Your friends, family and loved ones had an amazing time, because you made sure everyone was taken care of. You’ve done good work! Book a massage or enjoy a quiet date night picnic with your new spouse. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it’s something that YOU want to do and can relax.


Time to think about what you want to do with your gown. You spend hours tracking it down and probably spent a pretty penny, so your dress should get its own party, don’t you think? Whether you want your daughter or another family member to wear it in the future or you simply want to be able to look at it down the road, take the time to find a quality preservationist to have your gown looking its best – forever. If you’re wanting to keep your bouquet, there are plenty of ways to keep flowers as well. From freeze-drying to shadow box displays, never before have there been more options to keeping and displaying the bouquet from the big day.


Of course you’re going to print some photos and put them in frames. Maybe even have one enlarged for above your fireplace, right? Why not create a truly special keepsake with  your wedding photos? Sure you can slap some printed pictures in a photo album or scrapbook, but paper ages and different chemicals can change the way your photos look over time. Having a professional digitally design and print a photo album of the biggest day of your life will ensure your fantastic photos are there for generations to see. Want some help in creating your perfect memory? Contact Albums Remembered today!


It’s important to say thank you to those who helped make your day a success. From your parents to the aunt who helped serve punch to the pianist at the ceremony, everyone needs to feel appreciated. Take the time (and it will take time) to write a thank you note to everyone who played a part in your day, including the guests that brought all those fabulous gifts. You’ll enjoy telling everyone how special you felt to have them witness your special moment, and they’ll be grateful you noticed.


This is the fun part! It’s just the two of you, embarking on a new chapter in life. If you’re taking a honeymoon, soak up every minute. If you’re delaying a honeymoon celebration, make sure you take some time together to do something fun. It’s a brand new chance to begin, make the most of it!