For most newlyweds, one of the most important aspects of their wedding is not just the wedding dress, the food, or even the decor, but instead it’s the photographs. The photos at the event capture the special moments and work to reflect on the celebration and overall tone of the day. For those wanting to remember their wedding day, there are several important ways of preserving the photos to make for a sentimental keepsake.

Create a Wedding AlbumĀ 

Creating a wedding album is not only an incredible way of displaying your wedding photos, but also preserving the images in a professionally bound book. The wedding album can be used on a coffee table to display for family members and guests, but will also work to keep them all in one place for preservation. A copy of the photo album can be ordered as a backup should the original become damaged or lost.

Each page of the wedding album is printed on professional photo paper and then mounted on archival board, which is durable and thick for a product that will be preserved for several generations. The acid-free board will prevent the pages from bending or warping over time. Each page is also protected by a thin protective layer that helps guard against a small spillage and allows for a quick clean up.




Store Photos on a Hard Drive

All of the printed photos should also be available in a digital format, which will preserve the quality and condition of each shot. Although the photos can be stored on a home computer or laptop, they should also be transferred to a hard drive for a sufficient way of backing up the images. A hard drive will ensure that the photos are still available should they be lost on a computer. We also provide a digital copy of each designed layout that could be stored on your personal wedding website or in a simple file stored on your computer.