You have just gotten engaged and of course you are so excited and you can’t stop staring at your engagement ring. You want to share that excitement with the rest of the world, what best way to do it if not by taking a few photos? Let’s simply call it framing your happiness. The only person who will understand the need to take engagement photos is the bride. Some people might view engagement photos as a waste of time especially when busy trying to plan for the wedding. There is a huge difference between engagement photos and wedding photos and here are a few great tips that will make your engagement photos memorable.


Engagement photos will differ with wedding photos in its simplicity, being simple only means that the photos should be of the two of you without any other family member or friend inclusive. You can stretch it to the best man and maid of honor if need be but it will be ideal if the pictures are for the couple alone. The rest of the family will have their turn in the wedding photos. Being alone will help the two of you be in a relaxing mood and be comfortable around each other, thereby giving the photos the best loving mood it deserves. Unlike in wedding photos where you are forced to smile even when taking a photo with an embarrassing drunk uncle that you last saw eight Christmases ago.



The theme in your engagement photos should not resemble your wedding theme. Try looking for a relaxing theme that means a lot to both of you, like where you first met, you favorite hang joint, your favorite picnic spot, a place where you once spent valentine. In short getting a place that is nostalgic to both of you will set the perfect mood for both of you. Do not go looking for fancy themes with bright colors and bright settings save that for the wedding.

Dress code

This is a very important factor; you do not want to overdo it by choosing a fancy dress code that will only make you look plastic. Choose a dress code that both of you are comfortable in but then again not too comfortable you do not want your photos to look dull. Try and find a balance between bright and dull colors. Do not put on anything that stands out too much you risk looking outdated in future. Ensure that your dress code does not need a lot of accessories you do not want to take the focus from your engagement ring


When taking the photos do not let the photographer dictate your poses, if the photographer is good at the job he/she will capture the good moments without needing to be told. A good tip is trying to act normal, ignore the photographer and enjoy each other’s company while he/she snaps away. You will be shocked with how good the photos will look when both of you are relaxed and simply in love.