The importance of the flowers at a wedding should never be underestimated. Not only do the flowers establish the wedding colors and theme that will tie the entire event together, they are vital in beautifying the premises and setting the ambiance. Your flowers will definitely be featured throughout your wedding photo album, and will be remembered for generations to come. Thus, the wedding flower style, color, and arrangements should be carefully considered before purchasing. This article focuses on some helpful tips for you peruse before making the decisions.

Get Started Early

Don’t wait to choose a florist. Choosing a florist doesn’t mean that you need to choose all the particulars just yet. What it does mean is that you’ve settled on a style that you like and can begin talking finances concerning the arrangements that you will have. A florist can be a great help throughout the selection process. Upon securing a florist for your wedding, be sure to talk clearly and candidly about finances. Be sure to get a good quote from the florist. Talk with the florist about the kind of wedding you want and what role you want the flowers to play in establishing the atmosphere of your event.

 Wedding Flowers

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Consider the Important Things First

It can be tempting to choose your floral arrangements right away. But, it is better to choose other elements first. You will want your flowers to coordinate perfectly with your venue, the wedding dress, and the time of year that your wedding will take place in. Choosing flowers before any one of these other factors could result in a discontinuity between the flowers and other aspects of the wedding. The goal is to create a perfect fusion between the elements of your wedding to create a clear message and theme that carries through the event. Therefore, it is important to choose the flowers after the deciding factors have been determined.


Photo from our past client Kara M., NY

Find Inspiration

When it finally is time to choose the flowers and arrangements that you will order for your wedding, begin by setting an appointment with your florist. Before attending the appointment, consider what you want your flowers to say. Then, with your venue, theme, and the dress in mind, seek out seasonal inspiration for your flowers. There are a myriad of resources that you can turn to. Flip through wedding and bridal magazines and look at sites that are devoted specifically to wedding decorations. Consult family members and your wedding planner, if you have one. Once you have a few ideas in mind, you can meet with your florist and discuss options. Your florist will be a valuable resource in the selection process. He or she can show you what is available to you and how the flowers can be mixed and arranged.


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Order Your Flowers

Don’t make any impulse buys. Don’t feel obligated to purchase arrangements after the first meeting with a florist. Take home samples and pictures and discuss your options. Also be sure to make a checklist of the various types of arrangements you’ll need. Some of the most common arrangements that will be necessary include: a bridal bouquet, boutonnieres for the groomsmen, corsages for the bridesmaids, a decorated arch, and various flower arrangements for the premises. Once you feel comfortable and confident in your choices, you can go ahead and order the arrangements, ensuring that you fill your needs in every category of arrangement.

Appreciate Your Choice

Once the big day comes, you’ll be rewarded for the selection process with a beautifully decorated venue. You’ll also get to view the fruits of your labor forevermore in your wedding photo album.