At Albums Remembered, we believe in capturing the memories of your special day, and that includes presenting your dress in all its glory! Wedding dresses have always been a source of both terror and elation for brides, and choosing the right one can be tough. When you are looking for a dress that will flatter your body type, consider some of the tips below. What dress works best for you, and which one will make you feel amazing as you walk down the aisle?


Rectangle Body Shape

A rectangular shape means that your body does not vary much from shoulders to bust to waist to hips. You may be very slender, but there are also rectangle shapes who are in the plus size range. One great thing to take advantage of is that your hips will not distort the line of your dress. Choose an empire-wasted gown to take advantage of this fact. This is a lovely choice when you want something long and elegant for your wedding.


Photo Credit:Chic Vintage Brides

Hourglass Body Shape

An hourglass shape means that you are busty and wide through the hips with a comparatively small waist. You will look lovely in dramatic dresses of all lengths, but one way to make sure that you do not get lost in satin and tulle is to choose a dress with a lot of waist-definition. Something with a sash, a built in bodice or some structuring through the torso is best. To compliment your hips, consider a mermaid dress, which is fitted to the knees before flaring out.


Photo Credit: Chic Vintage Brides

Apple Body Shape

An apple body shape is one where the waist is the largest point on your body, and some people consider this shape to be a bit challenging. The truth is that an apple shape can benefit from some wonderfully dramatic styles! For example, when you are choosing your dress, look for something that has some compression through the waist, like a corset or a fitted bodice. Even a little bit of shaping can give you a wonderfully defined look. For something more flowy, look into greek influenced gowns that will bare your lovely shoulders and fall in becoming folds over your body.


Photo Credit: Chic Vintage Bride

When you are shopping for wedding dresses, take some time to find the option that looks amazing on you. There are some beautiful choices out there, so don’t commit until you have tried on a few different ones. Remember that you are making the memories of a lifetime, so find a dress that makes you smile!