Everyone loves a flower girl! These little spots of sunshine add a youthful glow to your wedding, and it is a very special thing to be able to ask a little girl you love to be a part of your big day. Many girls dram of walking down the aisle, and being a flower girl is just about the next best thing to wearing the white gown! If you’ve asked a particular gal to help prepare the aisle for your arrival, take a few moments to get some special photos with her. She’ll look back on them when the time for her own wedding comes along, and you’ll love telling her you “knew her when”. These flower girl photo ideas will help capture a sweet moment with this little girl you’ll both treasure forever.

Under The Veil

Have your flower girl try on your veil or just pop under it with you to take a sweet photo. Depending on her age, you may need to make a few funny faces to get the smiles flowing.


Photo credits: Bobby Earle, Archetype

Looking At Your Dress (Or Trying It On!)

Every little girl dreams of wearing a beautiful gown on their wedding day, and showing that dream in a photo will be a treasured keepsake for years to come. Have your flower girl sit or stand before your dress to get a beautiful shot, or be brave and have her step in it for a few moments of sheer dress-up heaven!


Photo credits: Virgil Bunao, From the Treetop, unknown

Hand In Hand

Take a little walk with your flower girl before her trip down the aisle. Not only will it help calm any nerves but will make for some really beautiful photos!


Photo credits: Kina Wicks PhotographyClary Pfeiffer

Walking Down The Aisle

The moment has arrived – don’t miss a photo of your flower girl (or girls) making their grand entrance and traveling down the aisle. A photo from the back of the ceremony will give you some perspective of the festivities while capturing the adorable little ones before your big moment.


Photo credits: M Three StudioHeather Curiel Weddings, Jen Jar Photography

With The Groom

Nothing is cuter than a photo of your special someone with a special little girl. Starry-eyed or just having fun, a photo of these two is sure to make it into your wedding album.


Photo credits: Tina Joiner PhotographyRobb Davidson Photography

With The Ring Bearer

If you also have a ring bearer, don’t miss out on a super cute opportunity to photograph them together. These mini brides and grooms look adorable when they are all dressed up, and think of all the prom and graduation slideshow memories you’re creating!


Photo credits: Paula O’Hara PhotographyArchetypeBecca Lea Photography


Kids dancing at the reception are always adorable and hilarious, so make sure your photographer grabs a few shots of them tearing up the dance floor before they head to bed.  Flower girls dancing with the groom or ring bearer also makes for a great wedding album photo!


Photo credits:  Jensen Photography, unknown

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